Benny and Joon took the family to Darien to visit the cousins for Thanksgiving.  As always, things got off to a rough start…  

First of all, the house was full of strangers and distant family they hardly knew.  Nerves and tempers were running high.


Some family members were downright rude.  Here’s cousin Hackmatack telling Benny and Joon to get the hell out of his house!

In response, the dogs’ first order of business was to redecorate by doing some business in the front hallway.  It’s little touches, they say, that give a house that “lived in” look.  

At one point during the festivities, Ben dove under the antique sideboard in the living room and emerged, chomping on something large and brown.  With equal dexterity, I tackled him and pursued the brown lump down his throat with two, bony fingers, to pry it out of his esophagus before it could reach his stomach.  Upon examination, the lump turned out to be a turkey heart apparently hidden by cousin Samantha for future digestion.


Here’s cousin Samantha, bloated with turkey and depressed because she lost the morsel she was saving for her midnight snack.

Benny and Joon always pack plenty of extra poop when they go visiting.  They need some for their evening walk and enough to leave outside my bedroom so I can have a special surprise when I get up to go to the bathroom during the night.  They don’t sign their work, but I recognize it.


Here they are, posing for the camera like angels so you’ll think I’m lying.