This is a hard time to be living on Planet Earth.  Would anyone disagree?  Everywhere I look, people are hurting.  The good news is that the pain we’re all experiencing is the pain of death and rebirth.  The old consciousness is dying and a new consciousness is coming into being.  We are the Phoenix, immersed in flames only to rise from the ashes of our old self into a new and radiant form!  Venus transitioned across the face of the sun on Tuesday of this week.  Seen symbolically, this is the Feminine Energy eclipsing the Masculine.  No offense, guys, but isn’t it about time?  Isn’t it time to reverse the trend of aggression, domination and avarice and allow ourselves to be motivated instead by tolerance, compassion and humanity?

Let’s embrace this planetary shift.  Let’s see it for the opportunity that it is – an opportunity to live in the spirit of gentleness and respect, creativity and expansion.  Our planet is awakening at last!