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Enough with this “victim” stuff!  I’m surrounded by it and it’s driving me crazy!

The world is full to overflowing with people who believe they’re victims.  I should know – I used to be one of them!  For that reason, I totally understand the pay-off:  If I’m a victim, then nothing’s my fault; I don’t have to take responsibility for anything!  If my life isn’t exactly the way I want it, well that’s okay, too.  There will always be someone or something I can blame it on, which is a lot more comfortable than accepting that the life I have is the one I’ve created!

There are lots of toys in the victim’s bag of tricks…  One of the victim’s favorite playthings is resentment.  (It goes without saying that I can only experience resentment if I believe myself to be someone else’s victim.)

Resentment is something a little kid feels toward a parent.  In this case, it’s appropriate because, technically, the parent really does have power over the child.  However, as an adult, it isn’t possible to feel resentment if I take full responsibility for myself, my feelings and my actions.  In order to feel resentment, I have to believe that someone has power over me.  Someone else is keeping me from doing something I want to do or forcing me to do something against my will.  Someone else is inhibiting my freedom.

My question is this: How does someone else have power over me, if I don’t give it to them?  Hmmm??  Well, I’m waiting…  What did you say?  That’s right!  You’ve got it!   No one can have power over me unless give them my power!  Now why on earth would I do that?!

Isn’t it time we all WOKE UP?!?!

THERE ARE NO VICTIMS!!!  Each one of us is entirely responsible for our own lives.  Period.  End of statement.  Self-empowerment is a process, a gradual coming to awareness that we are the Masters of our own lives.

Please don’t misunderstand!  There are times, on this beautiful and challenging planet of ours when “tragedies” occur – innocent people dying at the hands of an aggressor, for example.  I am not discussing “perpetrator” and “victim” in that sense.  But even in that case, is it not possible that the so-called “victims” of violence might not, in fact, be evolved souls, whose mission on earth is to demonstrate the impossibility of living without love?

Everything is consciousness.  Everything.  Our lives are mere reflections.  They are reflections of our own, individual consciousness, including our beliefs, our programming and our current level of evolution, nothing more and nothing less.

Let’s agree today to release this toxic, victim mentality, which robs us of our potential and squelches our joy.  Let’s recognize that our true nature is to be empowered beings.  Let’s empower ourselves now!