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Guess where I am?  I’ll give you a hint…


I’m in London, staying at the Thistle Marble Arch, for several years one of my favorite hotel experiences.  It’s an expensive hotel, and I’m only here now because I got a good deal on the internet. When I arrived yesterday at 1 pm, the girl at the desk said my room wouldn’t be ready until 2.  She said there was another room available, but it was an executive suite and would cost an additional 30 pounds a day.  No thank you!  The whole reason I’m here is because of the discounted rate.

So, I left my bags with the porter and went to Harrod’s (of course) for lunch.  When I got to my room later in the day, I was disappointed.  It was small and cramped, terribly noisy, and also ugly.  I went back to the desk and asked if I could please have another room (mentioning the noise factor only).  The second room was lovely, but had twin beds in it.  I really wanted a big bed, and struggled with myself.  Was I just being demanding?  Could I make do with this room?  I rolled those questions around in my head for a minute but quickly realized that accepting this room would be settling for something that really didn’t suit me.

Back to the desk I went!  This time, the same girl said, “I’m sorry.  I can’t move you again.  Let me get the manager.”  She left me waiting for 3 minutes or so and when she came back, the manager was not with her.  She handed me a room card.  “This is a beautiful, executive suite,” she said.  The same suite I’d been offered earlier, only now it was 30 pounds a night less expensive!

It seems like I’m always learning the same lessons over and over.  I guess that’s the only way they become anchored into my life.  Settling into my lovely, new quarters, I remembered a quote, without being able to remember who said it… “Funny thing about life – when you insist on the best, you very often get it!”