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As most Baby Boomers probably know, Davy Jones of “The Monkees” died 10 days ago – on February 29th, in Florida, at the age of 66.  Once a child actor, then a jockey, later a teenage idol, he became an icon for an age.  At the height of his career, he was a “tweener” heartthrob.  According to the many who knew him, he was a wonderful human being.  A sensitive soul, he was apparently one of those men who was surrounded by women his entire life.  The vast majority of his fans were women, and it fascinates me to learn that he is survived by 3 ex-wives, 3 sisters and 4 daughters!

Another fascinating, miscellaneous tidbit is that at the time Davy Jones was becoming famous, there was another English, Davy Jones who was chasing show business fame of his own.  Realizing he would have to change his name to distinguish himself, the second David Jones named himself after a famous, American frontiersman, calling himself David Bowie…