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It’s no news that the French have a low incidence of cardiovascular illness relative to Americans (although the numbers have increased since the arrival of Fast Foods in France).  In the United States, we are told that this is because the French drink a lot of red wine, and certainly that is an important part of the story.  But there’s more to it – at least according to the Foie Gras salesman at my local, organic food market!  This guy claims that one of the reasons French people have healthy hearts is the amount of Foie Gras they eat!  That’s right – this trafficker in the fatty livers of either duck or goose claim them to be as good for us as olive oil!  The notion seems a little far-fetched to me, but apparently the fat in Foie Gras is monounsaturated (or is that poly?), making it to other animal fats what fish oil is to butter!  Who knew?!

Duck foie gras, 3 different ways!