What kind of a music lover do you have to be to go out on a night like this?!?  Some kind of crazy, that’s for sure!  It’s -2 (degrees centigrade) with a wicked wind, and now it’s snowing!  Well, I’ve loved Manu Dibango since forever, and today while I was out doing local errands, I saw he was scheduled to perform tonight and tomorrow night at Le Petit Journal, which is in my neighborhood – just a quick nip across the street, up the escalator into the train station and down the escalator on the other side of the station and across the street again.  For 25 euros, I got a glass of champagne and just about the last seat in the house!There were nine of them on stage: a keyboard player, 2 drummers, a guitarist, a bass player, a flute/saxophone player, 2 singers, and Manu, himself, on vibraphone and sax.  Dude is 78 years old and looks awesome!  Wonderful saxophone player, too, but, for some reason, the show didn’t set me on fire.  Except for that one moment when one of the singers invited the audience to get up and dance.  I danced and I danced!  I would have danced longer, too, had I not been the only one in the room doing it.Frankly, the most thrilling part of the show was a painter, who set up a blank canvas next to the stage.  At first, he used huge paint-brushes on the canvas like a drummer, without paint.  Then, he started putting streaks of color on the blank surface.  Every now and again, I would turn my head and be astonished at the transformation.  By the end of the show, he had created a quite evocative rendition of Manu Dibango and his band!

Manu Dibango!