I arrived in Paris yesterday (February 1).  Decent flight, although the quality of Air France food has disintegrated wildly!  Why, oh why, would Joel Robuchon take credit for it?!  That, plus my crushed, split, mangled and exploded suitcase were the only downsides to the trip.  The actual flight was exceptionally smooth, save for an odd, tippy landing.

What a greeting I received at the apartment from my landlords (now friends)!  I had just started unpacking when they invited me to lunch – a plate of charcuterie (ie, prosciutto, salami, pate, pickles and salad) followed by a delicious fish – “colin,” which Google Translate says is “hake” – with broccoli.   The meal ended with a luscious roquefort, and we drank a pleasant Bordeaux throughout.  They further spoiled me by filling my refrigerator with everything I could possibly need to get started – so I wouldn’t need to leave home the first day!

It was great fun unpacking the boxes I’d left behind!  Although it’s been less than four months, I’d forgotten what I had…  The happiest find, next to the extension cord for my Mac, some perfume and my favorite nightgown, was the unopened box of 100% French cocoa powder!  After a nap, I spent the evening in, watching “The Simpsons,” dubbed into French, followed by a couple of mediocre, American movies that I will refrain from mentioning by name.  After a delicious hot chocolate, I went to bed and slept fitfully, until falling into a deep sleep from 9 am to 1 pm!

Tonight was an adventure, which I will share tomorrow… It’s nearly 4:30 in the morning!  Faites de beaux reves!  (That’s French – minus an important accent – for “Sweet dreams!”)