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In times of stress, life can become a veritable animal farm of unbalanced behaviors.   If you’re like me, the tendency under pressure is to scurry around in all directions like a squirrel trying to cross the road, eat like a pig, drink like a fish and consequently sleep badly or not enough, which causes tension in the body, leading to more scurrying, scarfing and guzzling.  To counteract this behavior, the key is to stay centered in the present moment.  Relax the body, deepen the breath, focus on the activity at hand.  By so doing, we automatically slow down and gain consciousness of our behavior.  Am I eating because I’m hungry or out of nervousness?  Am I drinking in a relaxed and conscious way, or like an alcoholic sailor on shore leave?  The key to maintaining good health in times of stress, is to create and maintain balance, which needs to be done by staying conscious on a moment to moment basis.