How do you treat yourself on a moment by moment basis?  Are you a loving parent to yourself or a brutal circus trainer with a bull-hook?  An easy way to reduce stress and create joy is to simply check in throughout the day, asking the question: Am I being good to myself?  If the answer is no, make a change!  Start by taking a couple of deep breaths and relaxing your body.  Take a break!  Allow yourself to have a cup of tea and do nothing but stare out the window for 10 minutes.  If you work from home, take a nap.  If not, allow yourself an hour of “down time” when you get home from the job.  Take a yoga class.  Take a bubble bath.  Spend an hour reading a good book before you cook dinner.  Reward yourself frequently.  A crossword puzzle after doing the housecleaning.  Lunch at your favorite restaurant during a hectic day of Christmas shopping.  Give yourself “free time” at the accomplishment of every task.  Be kind to you!