Breath is the key!  Here’s a simple exercise: Before you start your day, sit on the edge of your bed or in a chair, with a straight spine.  Close your eyes.  Take 10 slow, deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth, exhaling fully.  Focus on nothing but the breath.  Specifically, practice a 10 second inhale, a pause, and then a 20 second exhale.  (Don’t look now, but if you’ve done this, you’ve actually meditated for 5 whole minutes!)  Do this morning and night.  Also, check in frequently throughout the day.  Is your breathing relaxed and deep, or is it tight and shallow?  When you catch yourself holding your breath, or breathing in a shallow way, relax the body and take a couple of full, deep breaths.  You’ll be amazed what this simple tool will do for your mind, nervous system and life!